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Copyright notice

1. Credit

1.1 This copyright notice was created by using a template from SEQ Legal.

2. Copyright notice

2.1 Copyright (c) 2020

2.2 Conditional to the explicit stipulation of this notice:

(a) all forms of copyright including intellectual property rights on this website, including content shown on this website, are controlled and owned by the company as well as its licensors; and

(b) all copyright, as well as additional forms of intellectual property rights from our online store as well as the materiel shown remain reserved. All content on our website is for information purposes only, is protected by and was plagiarism free at the time of uploading.

3. Copyright licence

3.1 You may:

(a) look at pages from our online store through the use of an online device;

(b) store any page from our online store for the use of storing data in cache memory on any online device;

(c) use our website to print images from our online store;

(d) stream any form of media such as audio of video files of any format from our website unless otherwise stated by other provisions in this notice.

3.2 You may not download or store material directly to your computer or any other form of storage device unless stated otherwise by the other provisions of this notice.

3.3 You are welcome to use this website for personal purposes however, you may not use our online store for malicious reasons, including financial gain.

3.4 You may not change or edit material on this website unless stated otherwise by the provisions of this notice.

3.5 Except for the circumstance where you may have control over the appropriate rights to the content shown, you may not:

(a) display material owned by our website in public regardless of how it is shown;

(b) publish any material that was originally published from our company’s website;

(c) trade, lease or sub-license any material that is owned by this company’s website;

(d) reallocate any material that is owned by our website, save to the degree that is specifically permitted by this notice; or

(e) use the material owned by our website for the use of exploitation or for a commercial purpose.

4. Acceptable use

4.1 In order to remain within the acceptable use policy, do not:

(a) make use of this company’s online store in a manner could cause any form of damage in terms of the accessibility, achievement and reliability;

(b) operate or make use of any form of systematic or automated data collection activities pertaining to or in relation to our website without having our written consent;

(c) store, host, transfer or make use of form of material that contains (or is connected to in any way) any form of malicious software including viruses, keystroke loggers, worm, Trojan horse, rootkit, any other form of spyware; or

(d) use this website in a way that is unlawful or illegal in any manner or form, including harmful intent or in connection with any illegal actions or harmful activity.

5. Report abuse

5.1 Should you become aware of any form of abusive activity on our website that may be deemed as unlawful, or material of activity of any kind that may breach this notice, please notify us as soon as possible.

5.2 To let us know, you can contact us through our email or by using the abuse reporting form on this website.

6. Enforcement of copyright

6.1 Our company will protect our copyright as best we can and takes any copyright offenses seriously.

6.2 If our company discovers any of the copyright materials owned by this company which breaks the official licence and is used by someone without our official written consent, our company reserves the right to take legal action by seeking financial compensation and/or using a sanction in order to prevent the usage of those copyrighted materials by you. You may also be instructed to be legal fees.

7. Permissions

7.1 If you wish to gain permission to use any of the copyright materials on this website, you may do so by writing at email using the contact details listed on this website.

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