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Data Sharing Policy is strongly committed to the highest standards of both data protection and privacy which is why the only time that we share your information is when it is absolutely needed to ensure that you can receive the treatments that you requested, and to ensure that you receive the best service possible when using our website.

Without a data sharing policy, any website would be able to track you without your consent or reason which is why it is crucial that every trustworthy website has a data sharing policy to ensure that your safety is maintained when browsing the web.

In addition to this, a high standard of data sharing is needed to ensure that the user experience is maintained without comprising the integrity of the website. With our strict data sharing policy, we ensure that your safety is not compromised by only sharing your data to improve your user experience.

Our Data Sharing Policy was developed in line with pharmacy regulations to maintain a person’s privacy and confidentiality when using an online pharmacy.

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