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Diazepam/Valium is a benzodiazepine medication that medical practitioners are inclined to prescribe to patients who suffer from severe sleep and anxiety disorders so that they may find relief from the symptoms of their neurological distress.

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What is Diazepam

Both sleep and anxiety disorders are caused by hyperactive neural activity within the brain which can lead to patients suffering from perpetual anxiousness and fear. Patients will be hypersensitive to the stressors in their lives and may struggle to retain the psychological fortitude to overcome this stress. Anxiety patients often find difficultly engaging in regular activities due to their symptoms.

Diazepam/Valium will be prescribed to some patients with acute anxiety symptoms once it is evident that pharmaceutical intervention will be necessary for effective treatment. The medication is sold by most leading pharmaceutical retail branches. Generics of this medication can also be bought at cost effective prices without compromising the efficacy of the treatment.

Diazepam Dosage

When using this medication for the treatment of sleeping issues, the diazepam dosage amount you are ingesting must have been specifically prescribed to you by a licensed medical professional for your own health and safety.

Generally, patients who suffer from sleeping or anxiety disorders but who do not exhibit the symptoms associated with the severe side of the spectrum will be prescribed a diazepam dosage of 5 mg. The standard period of effectiveness will last 5 - 7 hours and patients can re-dose on the same day if necessary.

When it comes to the treatment of severe anxiety, stronger 10 mg dosages can be taken up to 4 times a day when it is entirely necessary and instructed by a doctor. Such high dosages should only be used by patients suffering from the direst anxiety symptoms.

The use of improper dosage amounts of medications such as diazepam can be costly for your overall physiological wellbeing. Using a larger dosage amount that is necessary will also increase the chances of you experiencing side effects or developing a tolerance.

Diazepam Side Effects

For your health and safety, it is incredibly important that you know about any and all possible side effects that could occur during the use of diazepam. If you are not yet aware, read over the follow diazepam side effects:

  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Accelerated pulse
  • Migraines or minor headaches
  • Slurred speech

If you experience these or any other diazepam side effects, waste no time in contacting your doctor for advice before continuing your use of the medication.

Diazepam Online reviews

Diazepam is actually one of the most popular self-use insomnia and anxiety treatments worldwide. According to a recent analysis of a number of diazepam reviews, a sizeable percentage of doctors stated that they were most likely to prescribe diazepam to any clients of theirs suffering from severe anxiety disorders.

Another recent survey that collected diazepam reviews for analysis came back stating that 9 out of 10 doctors found that prescribing diazepam to their patients was an effective way of treating sleeping troubles. The doctors state that diazepam helped their patients improve their mental health and day to day functionality.

Buy Diazepam Online

If you have been prescribed Valium by your doctor to reduce the severity of your sleeplessness and anxiety symptoms, we would like to ask you to consider choosing to buy diazepam online from us on our website. The reason why is because we offer equally as effective generics that will cost you a much lower price.

We also send a courier to deliver your medication directly to your most preferred residential address for a small shipping fee when you buy diazepam online from our website. If you have taken any interest in the services that we offer, find out more about us here on our website.

FAQ - Diazepam

Is Diazepam a Sleeping Pill?

Diazepam is from the family of Benzodiazepine medications and is used for the treatment of anxiety and anxiety related sleep problems. By treating the causes of insomnia (stress & anxiety), Diazepam is a trusted sleep aid medication.

Is Diazepam Good for Anxiety?

Yes, the sedative hypnotic effects of Diazepam work directly with the neurotransmitters in the brain to decrease stress and tension. Diazepam is a fast acting and highly regarded medication for the treatment of anxiety.

How Much Diazepam Should I Take for Sleep?

The standard dosage of Diazepam for sleep is 5mg - 15mg depending on the individual. Consultation with a medical professional is recommended before commencing any treatment.

How Long does Diazepam Take to work for Sleep?

For the best results the medication should be taken 30 - 60 minutes before bed and 8 hours before you plan to wake up. Swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water and turn off all electrical devices.

How Much does Diazepam Cost?

Diazepam starts from around £1 per pill on small orders. Monthly shoppers can benefit from additional savings and pay as little as £0.80 per pill on larger bulk orders.

Important Information

While this medication may be consumed with or without food, it is not recommended that patients consume it on a completely empty stomach. Likewise, the effects of this medication will be dulled, or seem weaker, if taken on a full stomach, or after eating a heavy meal.

This Medication Should:

  • be consumed in accordance with the patient information leaflet.
  • be swallowed whole; do not crush, chew or suck these tablets / capsules.
  • be stored in a cool dry place / at room temperature (20°C - 25°C).
  • be kept out of the reach of children at all times (minors under the age of 18).

This Medication Should Not

  • be mixed with alcohol - even one drink can be dangerous.
  • be used if pregnant, breastfeeding (or planning to become pregnant).
  • be shared - even with friends or family experiencing symptoms similar to yours.
  • be taken when planning to drive or operate dangerous machinery.

NOTE: If you, or anyone you know, have taken too much of this medication, or if you are experiencing any unwanted side-effects such as a rash, difficulty breathing or swelling of any kind, you should contact a doctor immediately.




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JT – Oct 26, 2021
Excellent service and products. Answered every query Ive had very, very quickly. You cant ask for a better service these days and they can be trusted one hundred percent, which was a worry the first time I ordered. If youre looking for an online pharmacy for these products, this is the best. You cant go wrong.
Rydo John M – Sep 29, 2021
I live in a relatively rural area of the US and my orders still manage to reach me in 3 days. The ST direct team are always there to help with any questions and the products they offer are superb. Highly recommend, their payment method is so straightforward, great job guys
David – Aug 08, 2021
Very efficient, and good communication. Postage is always swift and product is quality. Very happy with the service.
Ryan J Mcarthur – Jun 23, 2021
excellent quality, speedy delivery, easy payment method, would highly recomend
Martin Turnbull – Jun 04, 2021
Boought nirmtrazepam first was tols w to 4 days delivery which is true took credit catd took 3 attempts.bit still took 2 days and they are not only legit but 10mg. No. Need for Gp. Hats off and ill be back in a day..
Timothy Charteris – Mar 18, 2021
Fantastic, no hassle and fast to respond to questions. Would recommend.
Mark Thornton – Feb 24, 2021
Very happy with the product and service delivery etc,3rd time I've used this company and happy to say I'm use again.
Dennis Fosbury – Jan 31, 2021
I suffer with a bad back after getting knocked down at work while painting the roads and I don’t use it as a sleeping aid but as a muscle relaxer when my neck or back pops, love this site as these diazepam sort me out right out when it goes. Great quick service
Finn – Jan 28, 2021
Great product, better than other anti anxiety medication I've used in the past. Also speedy delivery
Sophie – Jan 20, 2021
Great product, delivered when expected can’t fault anything
Tracey – Jan 19, 2021
Excellent service, prompt, and genuine product.
Janet – Jan 16, 2021
Great product, excellent service and, discreet and, fast delivery
Ryan J M – Jan 15, 2021
again my 2nd order arrived on time! great quality product. I've all ready ordered another 2 products from STDirect coming early next week. ☆☆☆☆☆☆ If I could
Joanne Jameson – Jan 11, 2021
Best sleep in ages thanks to this product. Really appreciate all your hard work during these difficult times. Thanks guys
Dougie – Jan 09, 2021
Excellent service and communication from the team. Even better you can get 50% off if you buy with Bitcoin. I generally only take half a tablet at a time and it gives me an excellent nights sleep. Highly recommend.
Kemal Ali – Jan 09, 2021
I have used 3 different pills from this company now and they have all been strong. Nice feeling. They work quick aswell and the price is cheap. Quick delivery
John T – Jan 09, 2021
Excellent service and product. Exactly as expected and received within days. Very impressed
Melanie Adamson – Jan 08, 2021
Excellent service arrive by stated dates - medication is as is sold- no lies or false advertising - they were tested my my partner 💯 genuine !!! Communication great - believe me trust in this company it is one of the few genuine ones out there !!! Looking forward to my next parcel - they give you “little incentives” as well !!!! Cannot fault this company or the staff
Silviu Branzei – Jan 07, 2021
The best team ready to help u for any problems u have...they are brilliant company I order few times and the delivery fast. They keep in touch with u . The best and supporting the customer
Natasha Hornby – Jan 02, 2021
I think these sleeping tablets are good for money fast service and great packaging 👌
Alex – Dec 22, 2020
I have ordered this product three times now and I have no complaints. Delivery time is fair and products are fantastic!

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