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Generic Name: Tramadol (TRAM a dol)  

Brand Names: ConZip, Ultram


Tramadol pills are oral pain killers that are also sold under the brand name of  Ultram in the common medicine market. It can be used to cure acute pains such as pain caused in the body after a surgery and even chronic pains which are caused because of conditions like fibromyalgia.

What is tramadol?

Tramadol pills are the opioid pain killers that are usually sold under the brand name of Ultram. This medication is used to effectively treat moderate to serve pain in human beings. In many patients it has been found that because of extreme pain in their body they tend to develop certain side effects such as anxiety, depression and even anger. These can potentially hamper the quality of life of people. On the consumption of tramadol pills of 50mg, a person can potentially recover from the condition of acute and chronic pain. Acute pain usually develops suddenly and lasts for about 3-6 months in a normal person and in case of chronic pain, the pain is usually ongoing in the human body for a duration of already 3-6 months.

This medication actually binds to opioid receptors in the central nervous system. As a result of which the pain signals that are sent by the nerves to the brain get interrupted in the way and a person feels less pain. This medication also increases the levels of two chemical messengers in the body which are serotonin and noradrenaline. This mechanism of action helps in the process of pain relief.


Tramadol medication benefits

If the tramadol pills are compared to the morphine pills then these pills are said to be one tenth potent as compared to morphine pills. These pills have been successful in curing moderate to severe pains in the body irrespective of their cause of that pain. These medications can be consumed on an as needed basis to either treat acute pain or even treat long lasting pain in the body. Tramadol pills are absolutely safe even if they are consumed with common painkillers such as aspirin, paracetamol or even ibuprofen to aid in the process of pain relief however the subsequent use of codeine pills must be avoided.

What are tramadol tablets used to treat?

Patients who have been prescribed tramadol pills will be having a prescription that can be used to cure many such pain related issues. These pills are highly effective in curing both short term and even long lasting pain. Short term is the type of pain that is caused in the human body very abruptly but is caused by some very specific reason only. Various examples of this type of pain can be –

  • Pain caused by broken or fractured bones
  • Pain caused after surgery
  • Pain caused in the body after a dental procedure
  • Pain caused because of any cuts or burns in the body

Chronic pain is the kind of pain that stays in the body for a longer duration of time. This is usually identified as a pain that stays even after the cause of pain which could be an injury or illness has been cured. Various examples can be-

  • Headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Arthritis


Pain after surgery

Tramadol pills of the capacity of not more than 50mg can be used to cure pains caused in the body after a surgery. Maximum people start to face a situation of postoperative pain after they have been through a surgery. If this pain is not treated effectively then it can become a long term pain and then that can become even more difficult to manage. A pain this is left untreated after the surgery can potentially effect a patient’s sleep, his physical functioning and also his overall well being. Researches reveal that many people usually ignore this condition of pain after surgery and start to experience severe side effects.

A clinical study was conducted on a total of 161 patients who had undergone a cesarean section to assess the effectiveness of tramadol pills on them. The patients were given either 150mg tramadol or combination of 650mg of paracetamol and 100mg propoxyphene.

The researchers evaluated the level of pain caused in the patients for a duration of 6 hours and the outcome stated that the better was of 150mg of tramadol. In addition to this patients consuming 75mg of tramadol pills were said to have more effective treatment than those consuming just the paracetamol and propoxyphene combination. The final verdict of the study stated that tramadol is effective in curing pain caused after surgery at both 75mg and 150mg as well.


Lower back pain

As per various studies reveal that approximately 80% of people experience some or the other form of back pain in the due course of their entire life. This pain can be moderate, dull pain and even abrupt stabbing pain that can leave a person feeling debilitated. In a study 254 participants aged between 21 to 79 years of age where called upon to assess the impact of tramadol pills on their back pain.

They were divided into two groups where one of them was given inactive placebo and others were given 400mg of tramadol. Various questionnaires were used to determine the outcome. The final verdict stated that tramadol pills are very safe and can be used for the effective cure of lower back pain only in patients who can tolerate the medication.


Tension and migraine headache

A study was conducted on about 460 patients where the purpose was to assess the link between chronic lower back pain and persistent headaches. The researches established a connection and found out that people suffering from one condition are twice as likely to develop the other condition as well. However tramadol pills are very safe for the cure of both lower back pain and headaches as well. For people who already suffer from migraine pain, the chronic back pain and persistent headaches is a very common and interlinked phenomena.

A migraine is a type of headache that a person experiences only on one side of their brain. In study conducted to assess the effectiveness of tramadol pills on migraine pain revealed that people who consumed tramadol pills for the cure of migraine pain got relief in about 2-6 hours only.


Fibromyalgia pain

The exact reason that actually causes fibromyalgia to occur is still unknown. However the probable characteristic of this kind of pain is that a person starts to experience extreme widespread pain in muscles and bones. This condition is often identified with a situation of altered sleep, fatigue and mood issues. A study was conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of combination of tramadol pills along with tramadol pills and the following outcomes were obtained.

A total of 315 people were called for the study wherein 157 patients were given placebo pills. The other people were tramadol pills along with paracetamol pills. The outcome of the study was measured by the use of questionnaires along with the duration for which these pills were consumed. The outcome stated that people consuming the combination of these two pills didn’t wanted to stop the consumption of these pills as compared to those who were given placebo pills. The patients consuming the tramadol pills and paracetamol pills had a better score and also showed better pain relief in the questionnaire. When should tramadol not be used?

Tramadol pills of 50mg of concentration are suitable for maximum adults however there are certain people who must avoid using these pills. Make sure to read the entire list of such people before you consume these pills –

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies must never consume these pills
  • People suffering from sever kidney or lungs problem must also not consume these pills
  • If a person has consumed a monoamine oxidase inhibitor antidepressant medication in the last 14 days then they must avoid taking these pills.

Possible side effects of tramadol pills

Tramadol pills are largely safe in nature and that is why are consumed by maximum people around the globe. However there are certain side effects that do occur in certain people which are mentioned below –

  • Nausea – this may effect more than 10% of patients consuming these pills
  • Dry mouth – This usually happens in around 10% of people consuming these pills
  • Drowsiness – people consuming tramadol pills, 10% of them can experience drowsiness.
  • Dizziness – Around 10% of the people consuming tramadol pills can experience dizziness as well


Tramadol dosage instruction

The dosage of tramadol pills must be in accordance with the level of pain an individual experiences. The wide move would be to always consume the lowest dose of these pills to relief pain. If you suffer from acute pain and then consume these pills then you must consume these pills for only 3-4 times per day, single tablet each time. If you are consuming these pills to treat chronic pain then you must consume 1-2 capsules every four to six hours and then enhance the dose depending upon the severity of pain.

Mild tramadol symptoms can be easily alleviated

When a patient sets out to buy these pills from an online pharmacy store they will notice that there are varied reviews that state that these tablets have a positive effect on both the body and mind of the individual. It is so because primarily these pills are used to cure body pains and when these get relieved, the subsequent mental stress that accompanies the body pain also gets relieved. However there are certain side effects that an individual might start to feel when they start to consume these pills. These side effects are not alarming in nature and also have no severe side effect when all the necessary precautions are followed.

Buy tramadol tablets online and get rapid record from sleep deprivation

People who regularly suffer from debilitating pain also start to experience a common issue of sleep deprivation. This issue when not treated on time can actually escalate to grater issue such as insomnia in human beings causing a greater set back to the overall life performance of the individual.

When patients would set out online to look for tramadol pills they can find that tramadol pills actually belong to the class of few analgesics and comes with a positive side effect of inducing sleep in human beings as well. Tramadol pills also cause the condition of drowsiness that further helps in inducing sleep in individuals. In essence, these pills not only relieve pain but also induce sleep in people suffering from sleep issues.

Tramadol,  a generic treatment in a class of its own

When people would look over the internet to buy tramadol pills they would find out various review that would state that the generic form of these pills are ineffective in treatment as they come with a relatively cheaper price tag, creating an air of disgrace against this medication and also discouraging people from buying them. This theory of medication is completely false and inaccurate as all the generic producers of medicines have strict set of laws and standards that they need to stick to adhere to while producing any medications.

The structure of both the branded and generic form of medication is more or less the same only. Tramadol and it’s similar brand Ultram pills both produce the same results by relieving a person of pain within 30-60 minutes of consumption of these pills. The effect of these pills lasts for about 3-6 hours after consumption.

In the real scenario, tramadol pills were created to be free of all risk factors that other medication options in the opioid class of medications come along with. Tramadol pills never compromise on the health of it’s  users and even till date the effectiveness and the authenticity of these pills remains the same.

When users buy tramadol pills online they should be made aware that they need not stick to any particular pattern of consumption of these pills as they can be consumed on an as needed basis. These pills do not make a person become addicted or dependent on them. Unlike other opioid medication, tramadol pills do not come with any classic negative markers such as increasing fatality rates in patients because of respiratory depressions.

Tramadol pills are also available in two forms which are immediate release form and extended release form both of which can be found easily form any online platform. These forms of medications helps cure acute and chronic pains respectively. This is one of the many benefits that are not found with the tramadol’s brand name medicine or other counter part or fellow opioids.

Tramadol pills are called to be one  of the safest analgesic pills which are said to differ in many ways from other treatments associated with it which is the major reason why experts promote the use of these pills. This great information also nullifies and cancels out the fake notion created in the minds of patients while buying these pills. This makes the tramadol pills absolutely safe for consumption and it’s growing success is a bona-fide proof to it.

Buying tramadol online – effective and safe

If you have been suffering from body pain then you must buy tramadol online today and cure it. All you need to do is visit our online pharmacy and select the quantity you would want in your treatment. The next step would be to add the desired quantity of pills to your cart and then place your order at the checkout. Our online pharmacy is designed with the latest encryption technology that ensures safe and secure transactions. Our services are efficient, affordable and even convenient and all medications are delivered in a sealed packaging with utmost care.


  1. How does this treatment work in body?

This medication has two main functions. One that is used to bind with opioid receptors in the brain. It blocks the communication of pain signals sent by the nerves to the brain and secondly these are used for increasing the effect of noradrenaline and serotonin which helps in the pain reduction process.

  • How long do I wait to feel it’s effects?

If you consume a tramadol pills of 50 mg,  you will be able to experience pain relief within 30-60 minutes of consumption.

  • Can this medication be taken with alcohol? 

Consumption of alcohol with these tramadol pills or any other pills associated for the same reasons must be avoided at all costs. Doing so can actually enhance the chances of side effects of these pills.

  • What is the recommended tramadol dosage?

The recommended doses of tramadol pills for an adults would be –

  • For curing acute pain such as pain caused after a surgery – 1-2 capsules consumed three to four times a day.
  • For curing chronic pains  such as arthritis – 1-2 capsules to start with followed by 1-2  capsules every four to six hours depending upon the severity of the pain
  • Make sure to never consume more than 8 capsules which will be 400mg in 24 hours
  • What is this medication used to treat?

Tramadol pills are used to cure moderate to serve pain in human beings. These can be used to cure long term chronic pains as well such as back pain and even for short term pains such as injury pain or postoperative pain. Tramadol pills are also used to induce sleep in human beings by curing the reason of restlessness which could be pain.

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