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Generic Name: Zolpidem (zole PI dem) 

Brand Names: Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo, Zolpimist


If you have been suffering from insomnia since a very long time then you must be made aware that zolpidem pills are your only cure. These pills are consumed only in the short duration as they contain the chemical zolpidem tartrate which effectively helps a patient over come his insomnia and other related symptoms. Zolpidem pills are also available under the name tag of ambien pills in the market and have a very high rate of success in curing insomnia in maximum of its consumers.

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What is zolpidem tartrate?

Zolpidem pills have be approved by the FDA for consumption in the short duration only for the effective treatment of insomnia. It contains a chemical called as the zolpidem tartrate that works in accordance to the normal bodily process and helps a person get undisturbed sleep during the night. Zolpidem pills are also available under the brand name of ambien pills that are known for helping patients initiate sleep at night. Make sure to consume these pills only during the night time so that they can have maximum impact.

Zolpidem pills come with the properties of minor muscle relaxants as well that promote mindful sleep during the night time. This medication promises to help an individual improve their sleeping duration and also reduce the number of nocturnal awakenings at night that potentially hamper the quality of sleep. Because of this specific reason, zolpidem has become a very popular medicine in curing insomnia.

Zolpidem is a common generic form of ambien pills that gets it name after the most active ingredient present in it. You can easily buy the generic form of these pills from an online store.

Generic medications provide the same benefits as that of a branded medicines except that one can easily buy zolpidem online without prescription generic medicine at a very affordable price as compared to the branded medicine. In the United States alone, every 9 out 10 prescriptions as asked by the doctor are filled for generic medications only. Similarly, exactly this kind of medical data has been found in the EU and other global countries as well.

How to take zolpidem tartrate 10 mg? 

Ambien pills also commonly called as the zolpidem tartrate 10 mg pills must always be consumed in whole, without breaking or crushing the tablets. Other than this, these pills can be consumed either with or without food. However, if you consume these pills immediately after food or along side food then you might potentially hamper the working of these medications. These pills are naturally fast acting and need no help from the metabolism boosters to help speed up the process.

Doctors suggest that the most ideal time to be consuming these pills will be during the bed time or when an individual has good 7-8 hours at hand to sleep. Not getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night can actually hamper the working of an individual’s body and one can end up experiencing memory loss and decreased level of alertness. However when these pills are consumed in the correct dose and with proper amount of sleep it can actually regulate sleep pattern thereby relieving the body of stress, toxins and over exertion.

What are the main usage benefits of zolpidem / ambien? 

A long study of about 8 months was conducted the sole purpose of which was to find out the long term efficacy of zolpidem pills in the effective cure of chronic primary insomnia. A total number of 91 participants participated in that research all aged between 23-70 years. The researchers measured those people on various parameters of sleep and conducted morning assessment of sleep on two separate nights, in both first and last months respectively. The study revealed that as compared to placebo, zolpidem pills effectively increased the overall sleeping duration of an individual. These pills also reduced the sleep latency and night awakenings in them.

This study concluded that zolpidem remains in the human body for a duration of 8 months when used for the cure of primary insomnia. This medication helps cure insomnia by decreasing the sleep latency in human beings. These pills have been a trusted source of relieving insomnia ever since 1988 which vouches for its effectiveness.

The mild muscle relaxants property of these pills helps that an individual gets the best quality of sleep. Many researches have proved that ambien pills have been found effective in increasing total sleep time of an individual without effecting their sleep architecture. Studies also reveal that zolpidem pills are equally effective as benzodiazepine pills for the effective cure of insomnia. Other benefits that you get when you buy ambien without prescription are –

  • The tablets are fast acting pills and start to work within the first 30 minutes of consumption of these pills and lasts for good 6-8 hours.
  • Zolpidem pills must never be consumed for more than 2-6 weeks as these are not long term medications and show optimum results in very short duration of time only.
  • These medications are fast acting pills.
  • These pills have been approved by the FDA making the entire process of curing insomnia very safe.
  • These pills are therapeutic in nature, allowing a person to regulate his sleeping patterns.

Expert dosage and usage advice for 10mg zolpidem tartrate

Zolpidem pills are the best cure for insomnia when consumed in the most accurate dosage and form. First things first that these pills must never be broken, crushed or chewed and must be consumed in whole only. Other than that, the following guidelines can be kept in mind –

  • Make sure to never consume more than one 10mg tablets in 24 hours.
  • If you ever forget a dose, you must skip that dose completely and not double dose next time.
  • The most ideal and proper dose for an individual would be 10 mg pill consumed just before going to the bed.
  • For elderly patients and for people already suffering from ailments, the dose would be 5mg. This can be obtained by breaking the 10 mg pill Into two halves.

It is wisely advised to all patients that once they start the consumption of these pills at a specific dosage, they must never casually alter  the dose. For more detailed information you must always read the information leaflet that comes along with these pills. The extended related form of zolpidem pills must always be consumed whole and swallowed with water. These pills help an individual initiate sleep and stay sleep for good 6-8 hours at night. If you consume higher doses of these pills, they can potentially hamper your alertness of the mind the next day because of the high concentration. Therefore utmost caution must be practiced while consuming these pills in high concentration.

When to avoid using zolpidem

Zolpidem pills are largely very safe in nature and yield only positive results for maximum patients. However, if you already suffer from certain diseases such as sleep apnoea,  myasthenia gravis or respiratory depression then you must never consume these pills until and unless asked by your doctor. Other than these if you suffer from liver or breathing issues even then you must avoid the consumption of these pills. Pregnant and breast feeding ladies must also never consume these pills.

Possible side effects with zolpidem tartrate

Zolpidem or ambien tablets are very safe in nature and are therefore recommended by doctors to majority of people suffering from insomnia. Most people do not feel any side effect since they make to stick to the correct dosage of medications. However, in rare cases there are certain side effects that do occur in human beings. These common side effects are –

  • Headache
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling drowsy

Because of the unique composition of zolpidem pills, it also acts as an effective muscle relaxants. These pills produce an anti seizure and anti sedative effect in the human body. Because of these effects only, zolpidem pills can be labelled as the perfect sleeping aid. When these pills are consumed with proper guidance these can also cure serve insomnia in human beings. If you also wish to cure your insomnia then you must make sure that you always stick to the standard prescribed dose only. Zolpidem pills have not only helped thousands of people sleep peacefully but also extend their sleep duration by more than 50% in the first few days of use only.

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Zolpidem : how long does it stay in the system?

If you want to completely remove the effect of zolpidem pills from your body then this process can effectively take 11 to 16.5 hours. For an average individual an approximate of 14 hours could be the ideal time. Metabolites of these medications will always remain the body of an individual even after the parent ingredient which is the zolpidem pills have been effectively removed. Some of the reasons that could state as to why the removal of zolpidem pills could take longer than the usual –

  • Metabolism of the body – Metabolism in simple terms mean the chemical process that occur within a living organism to help maintain his very life. The rate of metabolism is highly dependent upon various factors such as diet, age, health, genes and also the body composition of the individual. People who have slow metabolism will take it longer to eliminate the effect of zolpidem pills.
  • Frequency of administration – if an individual consumes low doses of zolpidem pills for a very short time duration then the elimination of it won’t take a lot of time. However, many online customers have reported that removal of these pills is different among various people drawing a conclusion that the body mass has a very vital role to play in the elimination of zolpidem pills from the body.
  • Route of administration – zolpidem pills are available in the form of tablets, oral drops and even oral sprays. Some formulations of these gets absorbed faster as compared to other. Zolpidem drops in general get absorbed quicker than the tablet form.
  • Increased dosage – The rule goes straight, the higher the dosage the more the concentration of these pills in the body and the more time will be taken by the body to eliminate the effect of these pills and vice versa as well.
  • Age – Age is one of the most important governing factor that would decide the duration as to how long a medication would stay in the body. Usually for elderly people the duration for which the medicine will stay in the body will be more as compared to youngsters.

Criteria to look for when you are buying zolpidem online

The quality of any medication can easily be assessed by checking out the materials used in it’s manufacturing in the initial process, it’s manufacturing process and also it’s transportation and it’s storage. If all of these are of good quality you can safely assume the medications to be of a good quality and even vice versa then. The authenticity of medications can be assessed by the following factors –

  • Look for the packaging of the product. Correct spelling of the brand would be the ideal way to differentiate a fake brand form a real one.
  • The security seal of the medicine must never the tempered or broken.
  • The world health organization recommends that zolpidem tablets must be –
  • Free of any cracks
  • Free of appearance of any crystals on both the medication and the walls of the packaging
  • Free of broken pieces or even excessive powder at the bottom of the bottle of the medication.
  • Free of swelling or discoloration of the pills
  • The pills must be free from preservatives, allergens and genetically modified organisms. The ingredients used must be pure for optimal medical use.

At our online pharmacy store, you are provided products for sale that stand absolutely true to the above mentioned standards. Therefore you need not hesitate twice before adding the zolpidem pills to your cart from our online pharmacy store.

Can I buy zolpidem online? 

Zolpidem pills were first ever introduced by Sanofi in the market of Europe in the year 1988. In the year 1992, the united States approved the medication under the name tag of ambien pills. Ever since then these medications have been widely trusted and recommended by doctors to cure insomnia in human beings. In the past Era, people had to physically go and buy these medications but thanks to technology now you can order these pills at the comfort of your home without the need of any prescription.

Patients having any doubts can easily use our online platform to clear them and also order these pills very safely. Zolpidem pills have now become a part of many modern men and women who have been unable to get high quality of sleep because of either stress of work or the speed of life. After ordering these pills and after consuming them you will be able to experience high quality sleep and get the good lifestyle back.


  1. How does zolpidem tartrate works in a patient’s body?

Zolpidem pills are non benzodiazepine hypnotic pills that act as a mild sedative and muscle relaxants which allow a patient to sleep peacefully. The medication enhances the activity of GABA chemical messengers in the body that slow down the brain and helps the patients to relax and sleep.

  1. What is the medication used to treat ?

Zolpidem or ambien pills are used to treat insomnia in people which occurs when an individual faces continuous problem in sleeping or staying asleep the entire night.

  1. How long will it take for the effects to be felt?

After the consumption of these pills, it takes minimum of 30 minutes for the medication to start reacting and put an individual to sleep.

  1. Is it safe to take this treatment with alcohol?

No, it’s never safe to consume either zolpidem or ambien or any other sedative pills with any other intoxicant substance. This could lead to fatal results.

  1. Will usage effect my ability to have children in anyway?

No, zolpidem and ambien pills are very safe in nature and have bare minimum or even negligible impact on the fertility of either men or women.


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